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Merry Christmas!

With last-minute shopping there will be last-minute gift wrapping, and here is some great ideas! I hope you'll have fun wrapping, giving, singing and joyfully including Christ in all that you do as you celebrate His birth.

Step 1

Your supplies. Pick out a neutral gift wrap. Cut your twine long enough to be able to wrap around your gift 3-5 times.

Step 2

Add your tags.

Step 3

Add your embellishments, greenery, berries and jiggle bells.

For my gift wrapping, I picked out a neutral gift wrap and accented them with twine, tags, jingles and greenery, all my supplies were picked up at my local craft store. These suggestions will get your creativity going.

I especially enjoyed writing on my gift wrap! Inspiring sentiments are all around us, from heartfelt words in a familiar Christmas song to sweet lines from a child's Christmas storybook. And let's not miss the opportunity to just jot down a personal note on top of your gift - skipping a card or tag entirely as I did for our dearest Aunt Carolyn!

With love and hugs from my home to yours this Christmas, sweet blessings!


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