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7 Things to Bring for Outdoor Fun with the Kids

  1. Bubbles are a must! Who can blow the biggest bubble? Whose can float the furthest or the highest? Whose bubble lasts the longest?

  2. “Bug Hunt” What you’ll need: Binoculars, magnifying glass and a bug jar. What to search for: butterflies, bees, ladybugs and walking sticks for example.

  3. Nature Scavenger Hunt (smooth rock, pine cone, leaves, seashells, flower, bird nest, animal tracks, hawk or eagle, hole in a tree, moss, twig, squirrel, ants, feather, frog, deer, spider web). This is an easy and fun way to explore the great outdoors. Just make sure to familiarize everyone with poison ivy and poison oak before you set out, and remind kids that unidentified berries should never be eaten.

  4. Nature bracelet - Make a bracelet out of Duct tape, sticky side out then head out in search of small leaves, acorns, flowers, and twigs to adorn their bracelets. (You will need scissors to take bracelet off).

  5. Nature journal. Record what you see, hear and smell. When you get home, try to identify some of the plants you’ve found, or birds you spotted or the clouds you saw.

  6. Make stone stacks.

  7. Drape an old sheet over a branch to make a “tent.”

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