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A Home To Keep: DIY! Easter Love Gift

"May no gift be too small to give, nor too simple to receive, which is wrapped in thoughtfulness and tied with love."

L.O. Baird

Are you searching for the perfect gift container this year instead of an Easter basket for your Easter Brunch or family gathering? This is a fun possibility - those humble food pans with lids. They are easy to fill, come in many sizes and can be picked up at your grocery store or local discount store.


Leave a comment to be in the draw for this cute EASTER LOVE GIFT!

To include: A "grateful" notepad, a set of two joy inspired coasters, a Scripture Tea bag, The Body Bean Lotion and Blithe Soy Candle, both made locally and sold at The General Store in Paso Robles.


  1. Use the lid of an aluminum food container for a template.

  2. Trace your lid onto scrapebook paper or gift wrap then cut it out. Set aside.

  3. Put some colorful Easter grass in yout food container then place your gifts on top.

  4. Use the lid that came with your food container (for it's stability) and the decorative one you cut out to cover your gifts. Press in the outer edges to close.

  5. Tie with coordinating ribbon and attach a cute tag.

This year if you'd like to encourage someone with an expression of renewal and hope for Easter here's some gift ideas:

  • Small Devotional

  • Scripture cards

  • Coasters

  • Scripture Tea bags

  • Notepad and pen

  • Candle

  • Hand lotion/lip balm

  • Ear rings/bracelets

  • Chocolates & jelly beans!


These cute food containers are perfect for all kinds of gifts!

I love to send a BIRTHDAY PARTY in the mail.

For a BIRTHDAY PARTY in a box I include:

  • Funfetti cookie mix

  • candles

  • balloons

  • party horn

  • gift card

Other great themes

  • Writing

  • Craft/Sewing

  • Tea party

  • Gardening

  • Coffee time

  • Picnic

  • Traveling

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Linda Thomson
Linda Thomson
Apr 19, 2022

Hi Dana! Happy Easter to you as well. Yes! The food tins can be individualized in so many fun ways!! Sweet blessings.


Apr 14, 2022

HI Linda,

The Easter Love Gift is so cute, and has so many ways to individualize and make it special!

Happy Easter to you and your family!




Bonnie Lange
Bonnie Lange
Apr 11, 2022

Thank you dear Linda for bringing refreshment to our souls! "therefore I will hope in Him." Have a blessed Easter!

Linda Thomson
Linda Thomson
Apr 11, 2022
Replying to

We have learned this over the years haven't we? Happy Easter!

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