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A Home to Keep: DIY! Easy Last Minute Gifts!

Every time we love, every time we give, it’s Christmas.

Dale Evans

Hug Me Pocket Hearts

An E-A-S-Y gift to make with your friends, neighbors or even your grand children! Perfect stocking stuffer or gift for those who you want to remind of your love and support. All they have to do put their hand in their pocket and feel their little Hug Me Pocket Heart!


  • Heart stencil or cookie cutter

  • Pencil

  • Two 3 inch felt pieces

  • Scissors

  • Tacky glue or glue gun and glue sticks

  • Polyester fiberfill or fabric scraps


  1. Using a heart stencil or a cookie cutter trace your heart onto the felt. Cut out two identical hearts.

  2. Place the hearts together and glue closed leaving a 1 inch gap to stuff your polyester fiberfill in.

  3. When stuffed glue your opening shut.

The above directions are for felt and glue but as you can see in my picture I have used flannel and I simple sewed the seam on the outside letting the edges fray - making it very simple and quick. Whatever your skill level these will be fun to make with these simple directions.

It’s that easy!!

Picture from House Beautiful Magazine

Christmas Tea Towel Gift Package

Gooseberry Patch

Create a clever gift package in minutes for a favorite dry mix or a couple ingredients to go along with a recipe! Perfect to slip in a loaf of delicious bread and a jar of Blizzard Christmas Jam, click here for recipe. (click here for recipe)


  1. Fold a bright Christmas tea towel in half

  2. Sew the two long edges closed to form a bag

  3. Slip a dry mix or ingredients inside tie closed with ribbon and a gift tag. Don’t forget to add the recipe card!

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