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A Home to Keep: DIY! Something to Perk You UP!

I’m sharing with you a quick gift you can put together, something easy that won’t take you long from start to finish. You’ll need some of those cute to-go coffee cups with lids and cuffs. I found mine at Home Goods. Stuff the inside (the possibilities are endless) then put the lid and cuff on. Attach a tag and your good to go. Why don't you volunteer to bring the coffee to your next meeting, or drop one off on your neighbors doorstep or give one to your child's teacher? This cup of "coffee" will perk you up and is sure to warm the hearts of those who receive them! Even more fun, write a cute sentiment on the lid!!! Perfect for your next road trip or drive around the block ;)


To-go coffee cups with lids and cuffs

Coffee and creamers

Teas and honeys

Hot chocolate

Snack mix


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