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A Home To Keep: DIY! Tell Your Story Through Summer Vignettes

Every summer has a story, enjoy discovering yours!

"It was You who set all the boundaries of the earth;

You made both summer and winter."

Psalm 74:17

4 vignette basics:

1. Summer themes: beach, nautical, nature, vacation, sports, movies, and collections.

2. Summer elements: flags, nautical fishing floats, sandpipers, sailboats, jars filled with sea shells, vintage postcards, fishing net, peaches, watermelon, sunflowers.

3. Summer colors: neutrals, beige, sand, cream, sea foam green, seaglass blue, soft turquise, red, white and blue.

Accent colors: peachy pink, watermelon red, coral, melon, dusk.

Summer simplicity: this was a vignette I showed you in my last post. For this post I changed one thing - I added a little water color picture that I painted. Decorating our homes doesn't have to be extensive makeovers, it can be as simple as adding 1or 2 itmes. Many times I shop from my home and rearrange what I already have. I especially love to use postcards!

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