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A Look Ahead: From Embracing the Unexpected to Salt Shaker Vase Winners!

Thank you for your travel tips and some laughter, they were great. I am sharing them here so everyone can benefit along with Road Trip Hacks With Kids and Documenting Your Travels.

From Pam Miller: "If you've ever been on The Road to Hana on the Island of Maui, you KNOW how narrow it is. Well, we were going down the road, another van was coming up. We were almost touching mirrors when this kind man rolled down his window and said, "Pardon me sir, do you have any Grey Poupon? We laughed for days!!"

From Pat Martin: "Whether traveling by car, train, or plane, take a variety of zippered plastic bags. Great for storing wet items, food leftovers, sea shell finds. And if you're on that road to Hana it's perfect for any little unexpected upsets!"

From Diana Lakjer: "I always tend to take way too many items of clothing. My tip is to keep that at a will have more room to bring home fun treasures in your suitcase!"

Cathy Staley: "One of the best parts of a cross country trip we took in 2010 was embracing the unexpected when we were caught in a freak snowstorm in March in OK. Although being stuck bumper to bumper on a highway at night was not fun, the next day we just relaxed, found a church to go to, and went to a hands-on science museum to pass the time while we waited for the roads to clear. We did lots of library books on CD and in later years we got a portable DVD player and brought Disney movies, Get Smart and I Love Lucy!"

From Me: "We try to never leave home without ear plugs and a sound machine. It helps so much to have those on hand for a good nights sleep."

Best Road Trip Hacks with Kids:

  • Hula Hoops and Bubbles. Perfect for that rest stop.

  • Activity Center. Suction shower-caddy containers to the windows to keep snacks and supplies organized and within reach.

  • Busy Tray. Bring a baking sheet the kids can use for drawing, eating and playing spelling games with alphabet magnets.

  • Follow-Along Map. Tape your route to the ceiling and move a car sticker along as you pass through states.

  • Sturdy Drink Holder. Nestle a muffin tin inside a storage basket to contain all those pit stop bevvies.

  • DIY iPad Holder. Let them watch movies! Put the tablet in a plastic bag hung with chip clips for the back-seat crowd. (Excerpts from Meaghan Murphy)

Documenting Your Travels

(Picture credit, Tumbler)

There are so many great ways to document your travels, pick the ones that are fun for you and enjoy!

  • Electronic documenting.

  • Journaling - sights, sounds, smells, weather, mood, people you meet.

  • 5 pictures a day. (road signs along the way is fun to document.)

  • 1 sentence a day (can later be used as a prompt when you have more time to write).

  • Pencil a sketch a day.

  • 2 postcards a day, one to write on and one to display front side up.

  • Fun things to collect: to-go menus, brochures, pamphlets, ticket stubs, postcards, stationary from hotel, stickers from bakeries and restaurants, coffee sleeves with shop logos, post offices and national or state parks have an ink stamp with date and place in their gift shops.







New follower Corrine!

"Consider It Done: Christmas!"

Because sooner or later our roads take us back where we're longing to be my November post will be titled "Gather In. Join me as we linger and savor our blessings!

And if I may, next month I will jump into Christmas as well, making sure we have margin and rest during December with our preparations. I will be sharing:

  1. How To Host a Christmas Open House.

  2. My favorite food tip for when your invited to multiple Christmas events and you've signed up to bring something.

  3. An easy gift to make and give!

From my Home to Yours, Linda

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