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Bound to Please: Book Recommendation!

You'll want to pick up this book for you or someone you love.

When You Don't Like Your Story

by Sharon Jaynes

Sharon Jaynes shares: "I don't know the difficulties you've been through, but I do know your story isn't over. There is more to be written, and God is even now dipping His pen

into the inkwell of wholeness, writing your story and mine into His larger story. God turns broken stories and unwanted pages into stunning naratives of victory."

Some of my favorite quotes from her book:

"It wasn't the dirt that made the difference in the man's life. It never is. It's what Jesus did with the dirt that was the real miracle."

"God doesn't want to simply comfort you in your distress. He wants to heal you from the history of hurt that caused it."

"Feelings of inferiority, insecurity, and inadequacy held me captive. Harsh words held me hostage; dark memories kept life small. Then Jesus asked me, Do you want to get well? After thirty-eight years, I finally said yes. The cross was the bridge I walked across to get out of a stuck story and move on to a new and better chapter."

Note: I love sharing book recommendations with you. However, please keep in mind I do my best to recommend solid faith based content, but only the infallible endorsement I offer is the Word of God.

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