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Bound to Please: Book Reviews!

Book excerpt from One Prayer Away by Lauren Fortenberry-

Day 12


It is the situation you do not want to talk about.

The one that threatens your peace.

The one that tests your faith.

And it just seems to get worse, not better.

But your trial will never be beyond God's reach and redemption.

There is still a way for God to move here.

There is still time for God to make it beautiful.

Today, let this truth strengthen each prayer that flows.

God knows your hurt.

And God can heal every broken thing.

"He has made all things beautiful in its time."

Ecclesiastes 3:11

And she had faith that this season

would not last forever.

God was holding her hand.

God was preparing her peace.

God was strengthening her soul.

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03 jul

Thanks Linda for sharing. God bless you!

Me gusta
Linda Thomson
Linda Thomson
04 jul
Contestando a

You’re welcome Rose🩷 have a beautiful day soaking up our Savior!

Me gusta
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