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Gathering Place: Blog!

"I believe the only fitting response to His pursuit of our hearts

is to wholeheartedly seek Him in return."

Jennifer McCaman

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With God as our Navigator, His Word our roadmap

 I invite you to travel down Route 121 with me.

Route 121 - Psalm 121

The theme of Psalm 121 is God's protection over His people. All the tribes of Israel would journey up to Jerusalem to celebrate the holy days, they would sing this psalm and others as they would make their pilgrimage. Tara-Leigh Cobble shares, "These are their road trip hymns - referring to travel and things travelers needed to be mindful of. Psalm 121 is a psalm of confidence in how YHWH is never tired or distracted, unlike their pagan gods. The message of this psalm applies to you and I today giving us the assurance we need as we journey in this life."

Verse 1-2  "I lift up my eyes." He created the heavens and earth, we have nothing to fear.

Verse 3-4 "He will not allow your foot to be moved; He who keeps you will not slumber." He guides our steps. "Keep" means "to guard and protect" and it is used six times in this psalm!

Verse 5-6 "The Lord is your keeper." He is always at our side to shield us. In David's difficulties and heartaches, the Lord enabled him to turn those seeming tragedies into beautiful hymns that continue to encourage us today.

Verse 7-8 "The Lord shall preserve you... your goings out and your coming in." The phrase "going out and coming in" refers to daily activities of life. Yes, the Father is concerned about our tasks and schedules and even the so-called "minor details" that we too often take for granted.

"But One took my hand at the entrance dim.

And sweet is the road that I walk with Him."

Streams in the Desert Devotional

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6 days ago

Thank you for the encouraging words…always refreshing and always needed! PS..I purchased 2 of the devotionals by Corrine Scotti and passed them on to two dear friends ( and sisters) who needed the inspiration! Such a blessing…

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