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Picnic Checklist and Extras

Basket & Blanket: Check out thrift stores or antique shops for baskets, hand-me-

down vintage blankets, and charming quilts to help you set up a perfect picnic.

Food & Beverage: Pick foods that will keep well, be easy to transport, and of

course be delicious. Don’t forget the condiments like ketchup, mustard, salad

dressing, salt and pepper. Ice packs, ice.

Tableware: Disposable plates, cups, napkins & cutlery. Sharp knife and cutting

board. Bottle opener.

Seating: Table covers, blankets and rugs, pillows, beach umbrella, chairs.

Musts: Sunscreen, bug spray and a first aid kit.

Cleanup: Garbage bag, moist towelettes, hand sanitizer, paper towels.

Extras: Fresh flowers, a book and music.

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2 kommentarer

Harriet Boonisar
27 juli 2019

We should have a picnic today!! I have Grandma's picnic basket!!


Marney Hamilton
Marney Hamilton
27 juli 2019

Great ideas!!! Thanks for the tips!!! Can’t wait to celebrate!! 💕

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