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You're invited to take a stroll down a lovely and peaceful path to my "home".  May you be inspired to live intentionally, guided by principles of faith and purpose.   May God's Word be the mortar that holds your home, your heart and your relationships together.  May prayer sustain you when the building is tough and the "roof" is leaking.  May He always be your strong foundation.


From my home to yours,


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Raise your right hand and repeat after me, "I am a gatherer!"  


Hi I'm Linda , and I am a gatherer. It's who I am. I like to settle in with things around me that remind me of meaningful memories and God’s faithfulness.  


I am a collector of words, books and snapshots of the sentiments in my life.


My desire is that this will be a peaceful place for you to gather your thoughts and enjoy your home and those in it.

You’ll have so many reasons to keep coming back to your home away from home!

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