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Celebrating Those You Love

I hope you can pour a cup of iced tea

and join me for a stroll through this lovely garden.

It's filled with picnics, lattes, thoughts, and reflections

written to encourage YOU!

"For they refreshed my spirit and yours also..."

I Corinthians 16:18 NIV

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M - Meaningful, Memorable

A - Appreciate, Affirm

Y - Yearn, Yes, YOU!

I thought we would take ALL of May to celebrate women who have been a great influence or encouragement in our lives - those who have offered a word of hope when we've needed it

and walked with us in difficult times.

Can you think of a




pastor's wife,



a worship leader,


that you can acknowledge in some way this month?

How about these cute bouquets that are easy

to make and easy to hang on a door or a co-workers chair:

Picture credit:

Photo credit:

As a Mother, my two favorite expressions of love from my grown kids and their spouses are a visit or to Skype, but sometimes that's not possible.

I wanted to share an idea that won't be new to you - it's from DaySpring (a Christian card company):

"Sending a card is a simple, inexpensive, and very meaningful way to love like Jesus.

While there are no rules to being kind, here are a few things (commandments, if you will)

to keep in mind about the value and purpose for looking up a street address and licking that stamp."

Picture credit: Pinterest

1. Encourage one another.

It doesn't take long to find someone going through a difficult challenge these days. Be extravagant with your words.

"Therefore comfort each other and edify one another..."

I Thessalonians 5:11

2. Don't underestimate the power of thanking someone.

"Kind words are like honey - sweet to the soul and healthy for the body."

Proverbs 16:24

3. Honor one another. Honor is to see the value in a person.

"Honor Christ and put others first." Ephesians 5:21

4. There's a time to cry and a time for celebration.

Sometimes a note says,"I know I can't fix this - but I'm with you. You're not alone."

"Rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep."

Romans 12:15

5. Build one another up.

Words can heal, strengthen, grow, encourage and help.

"But you, dear friends, must build each other up..." Jude 1:20-21

6. Pray for one another.

When I send a note to someone, I pray for them as I drop it in the mailbox.

"If two of you on earth agree about something and pray for it, it will be done for you by My Father in heaven."

Matthew 18:19

Hoping these tips will encourage you to get in touch with someone soon.

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There are many ways to acknowledge someone special in your life. In a December posting, I listed some great and personal ways to bless others, gifts that take little to no money just love and lots of hugs! They can be hand written and put in an envelope with a little direction. They were as follows:

The Gift of Time,

The Gift of Prayer,

The Gift of Encouragement,

The Gift of Care,

A Secret Gift,

A Gift of Teaching.

photo by:

I will touch on the last one and give you some examples of teaching classes or workshops for learning a new skill as a gift:

  • painting

  • quilting, sewing, crafting

  • singing lesson

  • writing

  • photography

  • gardening

  • new computer technology

  • cycling class

  • cooking

  • hiking

  • horseback riding

It would even be best if you could join the class as well then go for a picnic!

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Need a last minute gift or a surprise for someone?

Maybe for a housewarming, graduation, end-of-year teacher gift,

retirement, birthday, shower, wedding?

(Remember - we have all of MAY to do it)




I thought I'd recommend places to get gift cards that can be emailed (day of!) automatically -easy peasy!!




You will find thoughtful gifts galore.

We went a year ago last March and had a great time!

Enjoyed some of the food trucks.

And coffee!

My husband loved it too!

How about a gift card for a subscription to Joanna's MAGNOLIA JOURNAL?

It "contains inspiration for life and home. Useful as a resource and a guide to living well."

Grab some girlfriends and start making PLANS,

a trip to TEXAS would be a GREAT girlfriends trip!!!


Susan Branch


"... the self-taught artist and author. From her studio overlooking her picket-fence garden in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, Susan writes and paints about the "home arts" of cooking, gardening, sewing, family, best friends, entertaining and the little things that make life sweet. "

Her website is a place to be inspired and where teas, mugs, books, jewelry, artwork and stationary can be found!

Susan and I at her book signing last year at Vromen's Bookstore in Pasadena!

Great GIFT cards from Susan's online store!




You will love their products! Bath and body gift sets, candles and gifts for the home. One of my favorite buys is their Sample Beauty Bag. It contains samples of their collections' most popular items: body lotions. Samples come in a cute, reusable cosmetic bag!

If you purchase a gift card an elegant e-gift message will be emailed to your happy recipient. You can add a personal note to the E-mail, so your friends and family know how much you care.


Ree Drummond - The Pioneer Woman


Y'all don't want to miss this!

The Pioneer Woman has lassoed our attention as usual!

Her Mercantile has opened and by getting a Merc gift card

that is delivered by email you will avoid any kind of stampede!

Lastly no conniption necessary since you heard it here first.

Ree is coming out with her own magazine!

The first issue is due to come out very soon in early June available at Walmart!

P.S. Who's up for a road trip - by car or by train???


When Mother's Day Isn't Easy


Sometimes a celebration like Mother's Day can trigger discouragement and despair for some women due to many things: a death, divorce, infertility, singleness, illness, a wayward child, or - being a stepmom.

Here is a guide on how to lift the spirits of a hurting woman on the day we celebrate mothers:

1. Pray for God to reveal a woman in need of encouragement.

2. Pray for that woman.

3. Send a card.

4. If you wish to do more I suggest a call, meal, a flower,

anything that says, "I see your pain today."

5. Make time for hurting women.

For entire article by Laura Petherbridge, go to Barbara Rainey's

"Have you not known? Have you not heard? The everlasting God, the Lord, the Creator of the ends of the earth, neither faints nor is weary. His understanding is unsearchable. He gives power to the weak and to those who have no might He increases strength."

Isaiah 40:28-29

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And a little something for those of you with children:

poem by:

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