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A Heart of Thanksgiving

Please, please sit down and let's enjoy a moment together.  If you came knocking at my door I'd swing the door wide open, letting the sting of the cold wind usher you in as well as a few big falls leaves that have fallen to the ground by the door step.  I'd give you a big hug then we'd settle in the living room before a warm roaring fire.  No rush, no hurry; just some good ole catching up with no electronic interruptions!!  I would grab two of my favorite mugs and make us something yummy to sip and with a heart of thanksgiving and chatting the morning would slip away.  

How many coffee mugs do you have?  I have many, some are matching but my favorites are mismatched ones I've picked up along the way or ones given to me and they all that have a little story attached to them.  Let me tell you about one coffee mug in particular, one I reached way back in the cupboard for.  I purchased it after a trip to the Central Coast of California.  Actually I purchased 4 of these delightful mugs!  Here's why: 6 years ago we lived in Southern California at the time and I was traveling up the coast for a wonderful family baby shower.  It was a weekend that I had special plans for as I was traveling with my college age daughter Katy and our two daughters-in-law, Natalie and Leah, three of my most favorite people in the world!   It was rare that we would all be together so we splurged and stayed at the beautiful Apple Farm in San Luis Obispo.  If you drop in today they're all decked out for Christmas!  Now that we live in the Central Coast I stopped by Apple Farm yesterday and even as I pulled into their parking lot I was greeted by a beautiful sleigh nestled in poinsettias!  The lobby of the hotel has a towering glittery Christmas tree and every inch of their three-story gift shop has been transformed into a Winter Wonderland!

Our weekend was filled with laughter and fun family moments.  As we were getting ready to leave we popped into Apple Farm's gift shop one last time before we left.  All weekend I'd been thinking of a little gift I could get the girls and give to them to remember our time together.  Ahhhh, gift found - I decided on 4 identical coffee mugs to take home with us,  when we arrived back in Southern California and the girls were getting ready to go to their own homes I gave each one of them their gift - cute ones resembling an apple tree!  To this day I will grab it out of the cupboard and remember that special weekend together!   So this Thanksgiving and as we march into the Christmas season make some special memories of your own with those you love!  Forever grateful for each one of you!  Sweet blessings from my home to yours this Thanksgiving,


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Nov 27, 2019


Kathy Schelling
Nov 27, 2019

Thank you for sharing your memories that you cherish. I think we all could add some of our own. There is always something for which to be thankful! Enjoy your Thanksgiving with your loved ones.

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