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A Home To Keep: DIY! Give A Cup of Joe

Make this thermos-style gift, filled with gourmet coffee or cocoa samples, chocolates and a gift card.


  • Mug

  • Recycled Pringle's can

  • Plaid scrapbook paper

  • Crafter's glue

  • Zots Clear Adhesive Dots

  • Metal Rim Tags from office supply store

  • Christmas shred

  • 1 skein red embroidery floss. Cut an 8" length


  1. Cut a plaid scrapbook paper to the dimensions of the can. Wrap the paper around the can and glue with crafter's glue. Next, place decorative Christmas shred in the bottom of the can and fill with your goodies.

  2. Place 4-6 Zots Clear Adhesive Dots around the rim of the can. Choose a mug that will fit snugly over the top of the can. Turn the mug upside down and gently place your mug over the Zots Clear Adhesive Dots to secure. Hang a complimentary colored metal rim tag with a written personal sentiment from the mug handle with your thread.

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