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Consider It Done: Christmas! Christmas Mystery Trip IOU & A Postcard Greeting

Christmas Mystery Trip IOU

I first read about this from an author I follow Marie Bostwick and loved it. Here’s what she shared:

“We’ve developed a fun family tradition that involves giving our grand darling a suitcase and an IOU for a “Mystery Trip with Grammy and Grampy”. Last week the mystery was revealed! Our trip was to San Diego. It was short, just three days, but it was such a blast… All in all, it was a wonderful trip spent with a wonderful kid. And when it comes to our goal of creating precious, lasting memories (and not just for our grandson) I'd say it was mission accomplished.”

For a stocking stuffer you could attach a cute little "Christmas Mystery Trip IOU" note to an ornament that reflects the theme of the trip. (A luggage ornament is cute or a train ornament for a train trip, Zoo animal for the zoo, and ice cream ornament for a trip to the ice cream store together... well you get the idea.)

Another Stocking Stuffer Idea: One of the easiest and quickest gifts for a stocking stuffer are personalized refrigerator magnets! Your local drug store usually has a photo department and these can be done in an hour or two!!

A Christmas Postcard

Make saying thank you this Christmas season easy with this postcard made from your computer!

Take a favorite photo (I've selected one with my siblings and a Christmas tree with tinsel and everything!)

Using your document program on your computer select their postcard template and away you go!

And lastly a Christmas Tip:

Gift wrapping sanity saver! To find the end of a tape roll easily place a paper clip at the end of your tape to keep it from laying down on the dispenser. (A bread tab can be used also.)

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