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Consider It Done: Christmas!

Apple Farm

1-2-3 of My Favorite - Quick Last Minute - Christmas Tips

  1. I love to give a gift that is redeemable after Christmas. With the holidays over it’s easier to get together. For some, after the holidays, can be pretty quiet and lonely. It’s nice to have something to look forward too.

  2. Short on time, how about a gift card? Now let’s dress up that gift card. You’ll need a Mason jar, candy, ribbon and tag. Place some candy in the bottom of your jar then slip your gift card into the center filling the remainder of the space with candy, hiding your gift card. Put the lid on, attach a tag with some ribbon and you’re done! If your gift card is for a coffee house it’s fun to replace the candy with coffee beans!

  3. A great gift is the gift of your time. Offer to come wrap presents for someone, make a meal or after Christmas you can offer to put someone’s Christmas things away.

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