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Gathering Place

Picture by Ruth Black

The kitchen truly becomes the heart of the home during the holidays. Food and tastes are reminders of fun occasions, special people, as well as warm and welcoming places. Handwriting on old recipe cards, worn aprons, each telling a story.

Baking traditions like cookie exchanges and gingerbread houses remind us of hands that have joined us around the table in the past leaving us with memories that are ours to hold dear.

And let’s not forget how sweet two coffee cups filled to the brim with time for chatting and prayer can be! I wanted to share this little greeting from a card I purchased recently:

Two women met for coffee.

They talked about life-

Things they were working through

and the things they were learning.

They showed each other grace

and gave each other courage.

Even though neither of them

had all the answers,

They knew that God sure did.

So they laughed and cried

and shared their lives.

And in the end,

when their mugs were empty…

Their hearts were full.

May your hearts be full this Christmas season

with the love and hope of our Savior who came for each one of us.

enjoy these last minute recipes and gifts you can make in your kitchen

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