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Snowy Nativity Wall Hanging

Requiring just a few materials, this wall hanging

will lend a touch of farmhouse cheer no matter where you call home.

Materials Needed:

1 wood plank 5” x 8” slightly sanded. With two holes at the top, 1” from each side, ½” down from top

17 inches of wire for hanging

1” wooden or sparkly star (painted white)

White craft paint (small paper cup or bowl for paint)

Blue painters tape

1 small piece of cotton cloth

Small paintbrush

A Nativity scene printed out on translucent, vellum or regular paper

Modpodge and Aleene’s Craft Glue

Ruler, pencil, scissors, and a piece of paper

Fine-grit sand paper

(Optional - gold paint for star radients, iridescent snowflakes for snow accents, Craft Smart Glitter Paint in Crystal for snow swirls.)

Directions: Set out a protective covering for your work surface. Wear an apron or an old shirt to protect your clothing from paint splatters.

  1. For the tree, sketch a long triangle, as show in the photo, on scrap paper to fit board. At center bottom, sketch trunk. Fold paper in half lengthwise; cut through both layers for a symmetrical shape.

  2. Trace tree outline on board. Apply painter tape along the marked edges of tree outline.

  3. Pour paint into cup. Dip cloth into paint; lightly rub paint inside tape lines in a thin coat so the wood grain is visible. Also rub a layer of paint “snow” on the lower edge of board, making the edge slightly uneven. Let dry. (To quicken drying you can use a blow dryer). Remove the masking tape.

  4. To add snow flurries to your picture put a small amount of white paint in a paper bowl adding a little water and mix. Dip the tip of your paintbrush into the paint. Holding your brush over your picture gently tap the top of your brush guiding where you want your "snow flurries" to go. Glue star to board.

  5. Cut out your nativity. Thinly apply Modpodge with a paintbrush to the bottom of your tree the width and height of your nativity, (see photo for placement). Place your nativity on top, lightly brushing Modpodge on top of your nativity, with your finger tips or small cloth gently smooth out any bubbles. Let dry.

  6. Draw three radient lines coming from the bottom of your star. Paint uneven swipes across your picture going left to right with your Craft Smart Glitter Paint in Crystal for snow swirls. Lastly apply Modpodge to the snow at the bottom of your picture and add iridescent snowflakes for snow accents pressing lightly. Let dry.

  7. Pull wire through top holes. On the front of your board wrap about 4” around a pencil for curled look.

“For unto us a child is born, to us a Son is given; and the government shall be upon His shoulder, and His name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, prince of Peace.” Isaiah 9:6
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