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Sunday Afternoon Pause: Chapter 1

Welcome to my new monthly newsletter! It's about removing yourself to a quiet place to welcome Him in. Few things nourish us more than time set apart to follow the thoughts of our hearts. Grab your coffee and join me for Sunday Afternoon Pause. Come, sit, be refreshed. Pause and draw near to the Lord. After Pausing we will make, give and share!

“Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10

“Margin (or pause) is the boundaries, the rest that is built into your life. It is the space between your load and your limits. Margin is the gap between rest and exhaustion, the space between breathing freely and suffocating.” (

I did a study two years ago, it changed how I look at the circumstances of life. Throughout this last year I went back to it many times for encouragement. The study was called Finding God Faithful, A Study on the Life of Joseph. Genesis 37-45. The author is Kelly Minter. I highly recommend it for your own personal study and it can easily be ordered online. I will be sharing some of Kelly's wisdom and quotes in the months ahead.

Joseph, his brothers hated him, they sold him into slavery where he was falsely accused and thrown into prison. Forgotten until Pharaoh the King of Egypt remembered him, called for him and promoted Joseph for his wisdom.

Kelly shares, “Joseph was born into a complicated family, but that didn’t keep God from setting him apart for a great purpose. His family of origin hardly set him up for success spiritual or otherwise. Your identity need not stay rooted in past failures or past sin, even a past or harmful environment you had no control over. When you surrender to Jesus, the old and frail no longer have sway over the redemptive work He promises to do in your life.”

“Consider Joseph’s rise to power, notice his rule would be one of rescue, kindness, and deliverance. He would leverage his influence to save lives. “The Lord was with Joseph.” Genesis 32:2a. Joseph’s entire story rests on these five words and therein lies our story as well. God is eager to rescue, rebuild and restore our lives just as He did Joseph’s.

Pause memory verse: “The Lord was with Joseph.” Genesis 32:2a

Pause quote: “If Joseph hadn’t been refined in prison, I don’t think he could have reflected the heart of Christ so clearly in the palace.”

Pause question: Where is the Lord refining you today?


A Home to Keep: DIY!

Wouldn't a little understanding go along way right now? Who wouldn't want to be remembered with a little thoughtfulness? This year why don't you make this adorable one-of-a-kind hand crafted Valentine? Pick a favorite scrapbook paper, thread your sewing machine and you'll be on your way. If you don't sew everything can be done with colored pens or pencils as well. I just love how hopeful my day becomes when I pull a personal card out of the mailbox, these days that is a true gift of kindness.

When making your cards make about 10 extras and start praying, asking the Lord to show you who they're for. They'll always get handed out and you'll wish you'd made more! Then share with us your Valentine's Day story!

Click here for the instructions and pictures!


Mixing Bowl: Recipes!

Do you have some sort of Valentine's Day tradition? Whether it's a fancy dinner or simple walk, hand in hand, with the one you love this recipe for Candy Bar Brownies will be sure to melt a heart or two! The recipe is from a wonderful cookbook I bought in Cody Wyoming this last year called A Taste of Wyoming, Favorite Recipes from the Cowboy State. This recipe is from the Vee Bar Guest Ranch, in Laramie. In next month's newsletter I will be sharing a crispy oatmeal cookie that may be the start of a new tradition you'll want to keep year after year.

Click here for the recipe and a fun Packaging Inspiration!


Is this not the cutest XO coffee mug? It is from Joanna Gaines' Hearth & Hand line at Target. When I saw it I knew I wanted to have a giveaway!! Just leave a comment of a Valentine's Day memory below to be entered in the draw for this adorable XO Coffee Mug!!

From my house to yours, Linda

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