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SUNDAY AFTERNOON PAUSE: Chapter 9 Welcome Home!

Welcome home to Sunday Afternoon Pause! You're invited to find a quiet place to welcome the Lord in. Few things nourish us more than time set apart to follow the thoughts of our hearts. I can't wait to enjoy a cup of coffee alongside all of you.

It’s a new and promising year. No matter how long I’ve known the Lord when I contemplate my future plans and directions I always come back to the basics – reading God’s Word and having daily devotions. They keep my foundation strong and my faith growing. I want to recommend a couple daily devotionals to you: click here for my Bound to Please: Book Recommendations!

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"The Lord holds the threads of friendship. He'll weave them into something beautiful."

- Sophie Hudson

Some fun and easy Valentine's Day canvas crafts for those you love! Easy enough to make with children or a group of friends!

We need each other. I need you. We want to bond with others, to feel seen and be valued. We need to point each other to God, who is always there with open arms. Some are walking a tough road, heaven forbid we let them walk it alone! Every open door can be our opportunity to be His hands and feet. Start reaching out with these recipes for Espresso Balls, Cornbread Salad and Biscuit Tacos.

Bonus Give Away! For YOU! I have compiled some quotes from last year's “Sunday Afternoon Pause” just for you! Click here to print your PAUSE quotes. Enjoy!

"God assigns our tasks in daily installments, and we should start every day - and every new year - saying, "Lord, what do You want me to do next."

- David Jeremiah

From my home to yours,


P.S. If you feel so inclined, please comment and share your own favorite daily devotional!

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