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Sunday Afternoon Pause

Hope, Where There Was No Hope! Elijah

Welcome home to Sunday Afternoon Pause. You're invited to find a quiet place to be renewed and refreshed and to spend time in His presence. Few things nourish us more than time set apart to follow the thoughts of our hearts. Join me for a cup of coffee and settle in.

I want to fill you in on a new series I'm writing to inspire and encourage you. It's titled, "Hope: Where There Was No Hope." It will highlight events in the Bible that were opportunities for God's miraculous plans to unfold, plans of deliverance, provision, and compassion. These examples will refresh your walk and bring you hope in your circumstances.

Hope: Where There Was No Hope!

I want to share this biblical account of Elijah with you. It will encourage you to look for fresh and fruitful places of ministry that God has been preparing you for, a time for you to lead others into hope. Click here to read more.

A Home to Keep: DIY! Tell Your Story Through Vignettes

“Come in and stay awhile this is indeed a welcoming place."

One of the easiest ways to decorate your home for any season is to arrange objects in a vignette. A vignette is a small grouping of objects that creates a focal point and “tells a story”. They bring warmth and life to any space. Click here for tips and ideas to write your story in Vignettes!

Mixing Bowl: Recipes! Raspberry Lemon Bars

Perfect for spring showers, brunches, teas and more these delicious lemon bars will invite seconds! These individual treats dusted with powdered sugar and raspberries just might spill over to your summer gatherings and picnics too! Click here for the recipe.

Bound to Please: Book Recommendations!

“You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.”

— C.S. Lewis

Books to till the soil of your soul

Click here for some great faith based books.

My GIVE AWAY winner is Bonnie L.!!

Thanks to each one of you who left a comment,

your words encourage me and each person reading them.

From my home to yours, Linda

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