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Happy Spring!

I wanted to announce the WINNERS of my Two Charms Necklace GIVEAWAY! Yes, because you have all been so patient waiting for this draw I have selected two winners! I picked these necklaces up at Junk Girls in downtown San Luis Obispo, a shop you'll want to visit if you're ever visiting or traveling near the Central Coast! My friend Ellen works there and she'd love a hello from you, she is one of the most creative people I know. The owners - Jenny & Melissa - "have a passion for giving found, vintage and forgotten objects new life. They find Beauty in the Ordinary and character in a life well-lived!" You can visit them online at Thank you for your fun comments!

And the W~I~N~N~E~R~S are:

Jean R. - A word she picked for her comment was "Fabulous!!"


Sheri T. - One of the words she picked for her comment was "Heart friend!"

A Look ahead:

"Early Bird Specials - Breakfast & Brunch Easter Recipes"

"Welcome Home To Cozy" - Dinner Recipe

"Spring Cleaning For Your Heart - 5 Things to Do To Strengthen Your Devotions"

Thank you for stopping by and visiting my "home" and yours!

Sweet blessings,


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