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Gathering Place: Blog! A Heart Full of Welcome

A Common Ordinary Meal

Where the Guest Became the Host

and Lives Were Never the Same

Why does a meal matter, even an ordinary one at that? Let me tell you. In Luke 24: 13-35 there were two men with discouraged hearts walking on the Road to Emmaus trying to make sense of it all. Jesus was crucified but the tomb was empty and Jesus was alive just as He'd promised! They had no reason to despair.

“They had hoped Jesus would redeem Israel. God did not do what they wanted Him to do. They saw the glory of the kingdom but they failed to understand the suffering. Their real problem was not in their heads but in their hearts. What they needed was a fresh understanding of the Word of God. As Jesus graciously walked with them and listened He gave that understanding to them as He opened the scripture to them.” Warren Wiersbe. When Jesus shows up it always changes everything.

“This was the intimate moment Jesus was waiting for.

Jesus waited for their welcome.

He’s waiting for your welcome today too. ”

I find it interesting that Jesus didn’t reveal to them who He was until they invited Him to sit down and have a meal with them!! This was the intimate moment Jesus was waiting for! Jesus waited for their welcome. He’s waiting for your welcome today too. A common ordinary meal where the "Guest became the Host as He broke bread with them" Jack Graham shares. As they broke bread together and these two men saw the nail scarred hands, this simple meal became an intimate revelation as the door to their understanding opened wide.

"When he was at the table with them, he took bread, gave thanks, broke it and began to give it to them. Then their eyes were opened and they recognized him…”Luke 24:30-31

Jesus, the Savior of the world took the time to seek them out on a dusty road and reveal Himself to them. He longs to do the same for us today too.

So let's open wide our doors.

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