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Sunday Afternoon Pause: Summer Travels For Your Faith!

Thank you for joining me for Sunday Afternoon Pause. You're invited to find a quiet place to be renewed and refreshed and to spend time in His presence. Few things nourish us more than time set apart to follow the thoughts of our hearts.

It is God to whom and with whom we travel, and while He is at the end of the journey, He is also at every stopping place.

- Elisabeth Elliot

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Summer Travels For Your Faith

While traveling and planning your summer remember what your thirsty soul really needs, refreshment from the deep well of His Word. Scripture will be the compass to navigate your summer. I don't know a better roadmap than what can be found in the Bible. So let’s dive in and soak up as much of Him as we can!

Click here for some great ways to get into the Word. As you travel and explore may your adventure inspire you to discover rare and unexpected treasures!

"I rejoice at Your Word as one who finds great treasure." Psalm 119:162

A Home to Keep: DIY! Tell Your Story Through Summer Vignettes

Every summer has a story, enjoy discovering yours!

As we celebrate the beauty of summer I thought you'd enjoy some vignettes for this season, vignettes that tell stories from the past and new stories in the making. Click here for some great tips and examples.

Mixing Bowl: Recipes! Berries & Chocolate Cake

A party or gathering is an opportunity to give. It is an offering, an act of creativity.

- Linda T.

It had been so long since we gathered that it was a delight to receive an invitation to our Summer Neighborhood BBQ. Mike and Sally have been hosting for years and continue to go the extra mile in hospitality. We were delighted to move to this neighborhood 5 years ago. It is one of warmth and caring, where everyone waves hello and lingers in their front yards to visit.

Here's what I made for the bbq, it would be perfect to make as you celebrate America's birthday. Can't wait for you to try it! Click here for my Berries & Chocolate Cake.

Bound To Please: Book Recommendations!

Picture Credit - Pinterest

I have 2 book recommendations, for you, my armchair readers - no gas required! They will help you navigate uncharted waters and the open roads.

  1. Prayer the Great Adventure by David Jeremiah. "From the beginning of the Bible to its conclusion, we see absolute evidence that God answers prayer."

  2. Bend in the Road by David Jeremiah, "When we feel we’re at one of life’s dead ends, these are only bends in the road, disruptive moments sent to develop our faith and to prove God’s faithfulness."

The scenery is nice... but it's the company that matters. As you embark on the greatest adventure of your life may you know His companionship.

- David Jeremiah

May this summer be filled with inspiring experiences.

Thank you for taking this journey with me.

From my house to yours, Linda

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